Community Guidlines

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Formed by professionals with decades of expertise in sustainability, smart growth, environment, construction, development, finance and Brownfields; our mission is to ensure important knowledge and resources are shared with the entire green community. Founded on the principles of transparency and universal access to valuable information, Greenvu is the place to share your green story with the world.

Media Uploading:
Greenvu was created to be a valuable portal of information and reports, videos, case studies and white papers.  As such, we do not allow you to upload media (videos, reports and white papers) that are in appropriate or that violate copyrights.


We insist that while you are on Greenvu you respect the people and corporations you encounter. You are free to comment but you are not free to attack simply for amusement. If you can not conduct yourself professionally and in a respectful manner you will be removed.

Greenvu is a community for innovators and visionaries who are leading the charge – from corporations to communities, environmentalists to engineers, academics to activists, individuals to innovators.